Dr. T. Brandes Quantum Mechanics I

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Additional Material
`Numerical Solution of the Schroedinger Equation'  [pdf]
by Neill Lambert (UMIST, 2nd year student, April 2001)

COURSEWORK (2001)  [pdf]   COURSEWORK  I (2002) [pdf]  COURSEWORK  II (2002) [pdf]
COURSEWORK  I (2003) [pdf] COURSEWORK  II (2003) [pdf]

PROJECTS (some of the courseworks by second year physics group students, 2000/2001)
Quantum Computers and Cryptography Paul Lofthouse, Ben Tordoff
History 1900-1925 Chris Bell, Philip Gittus, Steven Owen
History of Quantum Mechanics (including other links) Paul Tingle, Al Neaber, Eddie Shaw, Robin Mather
The Helium Atom  [pdf]
Kiren Hirani

Recommended Books

Photos of Quantum Physics Pioneers

Also thanks to Dr. N. Walet (UMIST). See  his QM 1 lecture notes.

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